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Hit The Dance Floor With Dance Legend From Tunewiki

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TuneWiki dropped Dance Legend for Android a few weeks ago. Dance Legend is an interesting new game that encourages you to get your dance on with a little bit of help from your Android device. No, you won’t have to spin in circles while holding your phone and it’s definitely not going to teach you how to dance. Hopefully, you would have figured out how to stay on beat by now. Dance Legend will let you have some fun though; and it will most definitely work your fingers to the bone as you tap, swipe, and gesture your way through the game.

Dance Legend works by mimicking real dance moves through gestures, and lets you hit the dance floor to a variety of today’s hottest tracks. The actual moves are pulled off through a series of swipes, taps, and gestures; I actually found this pretty tricky at first, but caught on after about 5 minutes of frustration.

You’re scored based on how well you do during a song, and can use points/coins acquired to buy new gear from the dance shop. You can deck out your dancer in new tops, pants, shoes, and hats; you’re also able to change your avatars appearance a bit by choosing their hairstyle, head, gender, and skin tone.

Everyone knows you can’t really Dougie without the right track and Dance Legend is unfortunately a little sparse in the free track department. You only get 2 songs in for free with Bass Down Low and Champaign Showers. You can buy more tracks from the store, but from what I’ve seen they are very pricy. As expected, you can purchase extra coins for real money and use those to buy the tracks; the coin prices are decent, but the track prices are still way to expensive in my opinion.

Dance Legend isn’t a bad game, and I think people that are into the whole dancing/club scene will probably enjoy the game the most. The gameplay is similar to Guitar Hero and those types of games, but Dance Legend just isn’t as fun. There are some cool features thrown in there, but for the most part you’re going to have to pay to play and get any real value out of the game. Dance Legend is free so there’s no harm in checking it out, but from the brief time I spent with the game I’m going to have to pass on this one. If you want to give it a go, you can pick up TuneWiki’s Dance Legend for free on Google Play.

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