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10 Things Hip Hop Made Us Do

Over the past few decades hip-hop has ruled the world. What was supposed to be a trend or fad that would soon fail outlasted the 80s and now influences everything we do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hip-hop fan at heart or not. Hip-hop culture has bled into all cultures especially in America. It has influence in the way we talk, dress and live our lives. There has been so many trends and fads in the past that many of us would like to forget. It’s ok, no need to be ashamed just say “Hip-hop made me do it.” Here are a few of my favorite contributions from hip-hop that I wish hip-hop would have kept to itself.

Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

10. Over-sized Baggie Clothes

In the 90s everything had to be huge. I’m not just talking about baggie clothes, but seriously oversized clothing. Even woman wore oversized clothing made popular by artists like TLC and Mary J. Blige. I’m so glad that women didn’t continue to wear men’s apparel. The kids in their skinny jeans today are shaking their heads in disbelief.

 Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

9. Bee-ot-ch

Ten million ways to say the word bitch and most of the new school rappers say it and don’t even know where they got it from. A bay area legend that goes by the name Too Short. He Bee-ot-ched himself into pop culture.

 Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

8. Real Men Wear Pink

There have been several times in history men have received a free pass to wear pink. There was never a time like when Cam’ron showed up in a pink fur coat driving in a pink Range Rover. Shortly after, men all over the country were decked out in pink attire. Cam’ron said in a recent radio interview that he was invited to fashion week with then Rock-a-Fella CEO Damon Dash. He said he wanted to be loud so he wore pink. He received so much attention and press for doing so that he rode that buggy until the wheels fell off.

 Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

7. Speaking Easy

We’ve all heard someone speak the easy language. Example: At the heeze chilling with my breezy forsheeze. Translation: At the house, hanging out with my girlfriend for sure. I hear this language being mocked by comedians all the time. Did you know this language was originated from a bay area rap group 3x Crazy that E-40 co-signed, which they may have adapted it from Bootsy Collins during the 70s funk movement. It was probably Snoop Dogg that made most of pop culture follow the trend. What non-sense I think to myself.

 Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

6. Yep, In My White Tall Tees

Dem’ Franchise Boys made something popular that was already common in urban areas. As if the White Tee was not enough, The Tall Tee went on the market. This fad drove me crazy. Grown men with shits so long it look like they we’re wearing dresses. So glad that ones over.

 Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

5.  It’s cooler when you wear it backwards

All over the world this may be the most universal trend. You don’t have to be hip-hop to wear your hat backwards but I’m reminding you where it came from. At one point there was a teenage rap group that wore everything backwards. Rest in peace to Chris Kelly before I say how bad of an idea that was. Maybe not for them because Kris Kross made millions.

 Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

4. Thug Life

We all know it came from Tupac, but it has been reincarnated many times in social media. At one point it was all about a positive message. Something about everyone united at one and or rooting for the underdog. It’s one thing when Tupac says it, but it’s hard to make positive light out of the word Thug.

Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

3. Haters gonna Hate

The word hater is a noun that actually derives from Old English but hip-hop has everyone using the term in everyday conversation. Even if no one has a reason to hate you, if they don’t agree with your views or they aren’t as happy about your achievements as you think they should be well they are “hating on you”.

 Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

2. Make it Rain

All the rappers say it and strip clubs have adopted it as their own but who takes credit for the term that defines taking a fist full of money and throwing it in the air? It always sounded like a dumb idea to me. Why would I want to throw my hard earned money away? Well, when the originator of the term Young Jeezy speaks about what it means he makes him self sound like a saint. You would have to watch his documentary to get the full story but in short form: he’s Robin Hood and comes back to the club to put kids through college and feed kids in the hood. Or are we just showing off the money we have? If that was the case we could start a non-profit organization. That would be more effective, wouldn’t you say?

 Hip-Hop Made Me Do IT

1.  Bling Bling

Everyone knows this term and we can blame Lil’ Wayne for his chorus on BG album. He was just a kid about 15 years old. After that jewelry had a new name. You couldn’t walk through the mall with out an island merchant chasing you down yelling, “I got the Bling Bling”. So glad that this one has finally died.


There are plenty more and we could do this all day, but when look back on all the ways that hip-hop has influenced your life, don’t be embarrassed just say hip-hop made me do it.




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