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Hey Justin Timberlake – What’s Up With Myspace TV?

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Earlier this year Specific Media,the new owner of Myspace, announced the coming of Myspace TV at the CES in Las Vegas.

Myspace TV was supposed to be launching this Spring and was billed as the new social tv for the masses. Since CES, I have yet to hear much about Myspace or Myspace TV.

As of now, they have the same weak ass landing page up…. Since Specific Media purchased Myspace, all we have heard was a lot of plans and no action. Could they be any less specific?

Maybe I’m living in the past, but when Myspace rebranded itself as the new Social Entertainment hub of the web, I was thinking they were making a real move to differentiate itself from Facebook.

But Guess What. It’s a service called YouTube that already is the Social Entertainment hub of the world!

This is what happens when an ad agency buys a social network…. Maybe they should have got the real Sean Parker to help them out.

Maybe I sound a little bitter because I had a phone interview with Specific Media, but I never did hear back from them. Maybe they read my post

Cry Me a River——Too Little, Too Late

  • Ubuntukungfoo

    Myspace needs to make a music app for ios and android that ties in with your profile.  I don’t know why they waste their time trying to change who they are.

  • http://twitter.com/sosoactive SoSoActive

    I totally agree a app would be great!