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Guitar Hero 6 – Android Game Review

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Guitar Hero has been out for awhile now, and it’s available on almost any platform you can think of including Android. Glu Mobile brought the Guitar Hero franchise to Android, and the style of the game seems like a natural fit for touch screen devices. Just because a game “seems” like a good idea doesn’t mean that it is, and such is the case with Guitar Hero 6…


Guitar Hero 6 puts you in the role of a Guitar virtuoso and you’ll have to tap out the “rhythm” as you go through the songs. It works basically the same as the console version, whereas you’ll have to tap the correct color coded button as it cross the fret. You tap-hold for the long notes, and can get multipliers for stringing together combos. When you string together enough notes you can activate Star Power by tapping the icon or shaking your device, this will further add to your total score and can vault you into the leaderboards.


The demo version of Guitar Hero 6 comes with a whopping 3 songs to try while the full version gives you some more. For extras there are leaderboards and 16 acheivements to unlock although you won’t be able to do any of those in the Demo.  The full versions of Guitar Hero 6 will set you back a $7.99 and gives you more songs along with access to the leaderboards. Honestly I have no idea of how many levels you’ll get because the game kind of sucks, and I’m not about to pay 8 bucks to find out. You’d think Glu would have the track list for the paid version in the market description, but for some odd reason they don’t.


If you haven’t noticed, I was less than pleased with Guitar Hero 6 and wish they had done more with the game. Even though the game is a year old, the graphics aren’t very good at all and the songs aren’t in sync with the button presses. The quality of the songs were good (HQ versions), but the gameplay is basically button mashing while a song’s playing in the background. Guitar Hero 6 is a fine example of a game that could’ve been great, but just fell flat. It also didn’t help that Glu hasn’t updated it in over a year… nice work. If you still want to try the 3 song demo you can pick up Glu Mobiles Guitar Hero 6 on Google Play for free.

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