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Guess What I Did last summer?

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This past summer for me was full of interesting moments to say the least. So I’ll give you a quick summary. I quit my job to work on my MBA. After a few weeks and a very challenging Statistics class Idecided maybe this wasn’t the right decision. I mean it’s been almost ten years since I had opened up a text book and taking online courses was a different monster.

With my MBA no longer being an option I decided I needed to find a job or create my own company. About a week later I got a call from Living Social. I flew out to DC for a series of interviews and a week later no dice. Oh I forgot to mention that I was supposed to be selling social media packages for another local company in Dallas called Magi Logix.  I went in the office a few days and made a few phone calls and I decided it wasn’t for me. So I shot the owner an email.

So while I was in DC I got a call from a company called IBG out of Vegas. I interviewed with them a day after arriving back from the Living Social interview with my shiny new suit from Burlington Coat Factory. It went well, but the next day I got a call from Clinicapps.com, a company that sells websites to chiropractors. They hired me on the spot I worked one week and on that Friday IBG called asking me to start on Monday. I quit Clinicapps and started at IBG; not long after working there I decided this would be my last job so I got on Elance in search of contractor to build the next MySpace lol…After $1200 dollars worth of mistakes I made a pivot and decided to go with a  music news site.. So here goes nothing.

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