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Good to See People Doing The Right Thing

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This past Saturday I made a post titled “This Is What Happen’s When You Steal My Content From My Blog!!!.” It was in reference to an article I wrote called 10 Interesting Facts About Dick Clark.

I noticed that four of my facts where used on Lite 98.7 FM’s website without mentioning SoSoActive.com. I was upset and maybe I jumped the gun. Maybe I should of waited until the weekend for a response, but after several messages and comments without a response I decided to strike!

Early this morning, I received a Facebook inbox from Lite 98.7 FM’s Brand Manager and Digital Managing Editor Eric Meir apologizing for for the incident and confirming that the content came from a show prep service they use. The article has since been updated and they have given SoSoActive.com it’s credit.

Being a man of my word, I told Eric that once credit was given I would remove the negative post and call it a day.

Good to see people doing the right thing.