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GoldieBlox: Disrupting the Pink Aisle

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Looking for a toy for your little girl that’s more educational than just dress up and dolls? Then you should look into GoldieBlox!




GoldieBlox is a book and construction toy combined. The story follows a girl named Goldie who, along with her group of friends, solves problems by building simple machines.

Debbie Sterling, the creator and CEO of GoldieBlox, is an engineer from Stanford. She decided to create GoldieBlox because she was bothered by the fact that there were so few women in engineering–eighty-nine percent of engineers are male! By combining the spatial skills that GoldieBlox provides and verbal and reading skills via the books, Sterling hoped her toy would appeal to girls more than just by making it pink.

The goal of GoldieBlox is to “disrupt the pink aisle” by providing girls with the knowledge and interests in science, technology, engineering, and math. Sure, LEGOS is a great toy that can help bolster these things as well, but it is the story of Goldie that truly makes this toy special.

So why not broaden your daughter’s playtime and make it even more educational and fun? She won’t even know she’s learning! Let’s disrupt the pink aisle and level the playing field with the boys. Watch out Barbie, Goldie is here to stay.



Be sure to check out the website here, where you can purchase the toys as well as some really cute clothing. You can also watch videos of little girls and their GoldieBlox creations (with tutorials on how to build it!).

Side note: There are several mixed reviews about this toy–do the research and see for yourself if it’s for you and your daughter.

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