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Get Your Karaoke On With Sing Me For Android

0 2011

There are a lot of dancing and singing games on consoles now, and Android is no different as there’s an app or game that will let you do almost anything including Karaoke. Don’t feel like embarrassing yourself in front of your co-workers at the bar after work? If you’d like to practice your singing or do a little karaoke on the go you may wan to check out Karaoke – Sing Me from AntosDR.

Karaoke – Sing Me is a super simple app to use as you just load up a file, check your settings and sing away with the lyrics. Don’t have any Karaoke files on your phone? Not a problem. When you first fire up the app it will ask you if you’d like to add some Midi files to your archive. If you select yes you’re taken to a search page that lets you check the web to find music. I was able to download a few .midi files very easily, but the quality varied from one track so keep that in mind. If you’ve got your own files on hand Karaoke – Sing Me accepts Midi e Kar, MP3+G, and MP3+LRC which are some of the most commonly found karaoke formats around. The app also lets you make playlists and has several different settings that make using the app a breeze.

While Karaoke – Sing Me is a good Karaoke app, it’s not great and there’s certainly room for improvement. That being said there really aren’t any “great” Karaoke apps out there, so Sing Me is still a good choice if you want to sing. The “free” version of the app gives you full playback of MIDI and Kar files, but limits the playback of all other formats to 30 seconds. The full version removes all limitations and will set you back $1.27. Both versions of Karaoke – Sing Me can be found on Google Play.

Google Play (Free Version)
Google Play (Paid Version)