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Gay Code Sheds Light On LGBT Community

With MTV at the forefront of teaching a whole new generation on how to act socially, the do’s and don’ts of a relationship, and the no-goes of personal hygiene. Yes, Guy Code and Girl Code are not only ‘teaching’ a new generation about everything they ‘need’ to know about becoming a man/woman living the in the 21 century, but both shows are doing it in an entertaining way. I prefer to watch Girl Code; it’s like lifting the veil on the secrets of the opposite sex. It’s not a perfect representation of the new generation of girls into women, but does give a plethora of opinions and statements to entertain young viewers. A new show (online) has caught us here at So So Active by surprise with insight on a group of Americans untapped by most shows on television.

Gay Code, in the same vein as Guy/Girl Code, is somewhat groundbreaking, if it were to get picked up by a channel. Isaam Sharef, an artist and entertainment correspondent for Bossip(?) has brought gay icons from the streets of New York to divulge and discuss the many aspects and lingo that surround the gay community. I’m sure that the majority of their sentiments aren’t fully sanctioned by the entire LGBT community as a whole but, as of right now, it’s our only gateway into a world so many people are just familiar with and are now getting ready to know.

Unlike Guy/Girl Code, Gay Code isn’t stifled by bleeps; being an online show the level of freedom is staggering. The show may be a present a huge culture shock for…some people – ahem, the right wing, ahem – but is quite entertaining.

What the show lacks is a strong production. The two episodes are shot on an outdated camera and it shows. Pixilation, changing aspect ratios, and poorly lit interviews are just some of the things that bring the show back from peaking into something that could catch on; and those are the issues with the visuals. The sound fluctuates between interviews and sounds as though they were recorded on a lavelier microphone connected to a poorly propped up sack of potatoes, balloons and hair, and sneakers on shag carpets generating enough battery power to produce some poorly recorded sound.

I’m interested in seeing what’s in store for the third episode. For now, watch the first two episodes of Gay Code and sound off in the comments on what you think about this show.