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Fresh Music: Little R.O.C. Nine ‘I Need A Prayer’

I Need A Prayer single cover

I Need A Prayer single cover

Whenever you hear a great song, you have to turn up the volume to not only hear the words but to also feel the music. That’s universal, not just for hip-hop and R&B. Any song that comes up on the radio, whether I can relate to it or not, that I can feel is worth it’s weight in gold. Our very own Kelland, who owns So So Active, released a new single on iTunes and Google Play.

Describing this style as a cross between “Darius Rucker with… soul, gospel, and hip-hop,” I Need a Prayer conveys all the heartbreak and pain in the everyday struggle to make ends meet. Times are rough and for certain people it’s more daunting whether it’s money problems looming overhead or it’s the trouble of finding the right guidance in life.

Every lyric feels (there’s that word again) like it’s coming from a deep place honesty. Like other country songs and even blues, I Need A Prayer comes from a place of pain and deep honesty while also painting a picture in your mind about the events unfolding. Yes, I did say country; when you think of country guitars, spurs and boots, and Dodge Trucks in a Sunkist wheat field come to mind. Little R.O.C. Nine’s I Need a Prayer sets an image of a blue hued street reminiscent to what is seen in real life.

Little R.O.C. Nine, or L9 as its abbreviated, told me he felt inspired to write the song when he heard the Jurd Beats instrumental and it felt like “being back at my Grandma’s church in Arkansas.”

He continues, “I wanted to be able take people to church without getting to religious.” It works. Take a listen for yourself.


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