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French Montana Album Review – Excuse My French

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Excuse My French is a terrible album.  There is really no need to go on past that because the album is not good.  French Montana doesn’t really show off his lyrical style throughout the CD and hasn’t the single clue of how to rhyme; Literally.  There are one or two songs that are pretty good but it isn’t enough to warrant a purchase.

Maybe I’ve been away from hip-hop for too long since I think French Montana’s debut album is just obnoxious.  What brought me back into hip-hop, after that whole Crunk music invasion, was Kendrick Lamar.  good kid, m.A.A.d. city was Lamar holding a mirror up to hip-hop to show them how ridiculous and unnecessary it is to talk about violence, drugs, and gangster life in general.  Excuse my French may not even realize the mirror is being held up or French doesn’t care.  He raps about doing drugs, driving cars, and guns but it’s not done in a way that’s ever any good.


I can pick out one song out of the whole 19 track CD that are ok for a repeat listen and it is Ballin’ Out.  Montana seems like he struggles with his words or speaking in general.  The words just fall out of his mouth and it sounds like a guy buzzed, singing karaoke.


If you like Lil’ Wayne, then this album maybe for you; Montana is really the poor man’s Wayne and I prefer Wayne to Montana hands down.  So, the bottom line is if you like this sort of rap, then this maybe the album for you.  If not, stay clear from this; Excuse My French is a terrible debut effort from Montana but it’s not like I expected any more.

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