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‘Free Birds’ is for the Birds

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Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Starring: Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler

Running Time: 90 minutes

Free Birds is about Reggie, voiced by Owen Wilson, a turkey that realizes his sole purpose in life is to be eaten for dinner. When the President of the United States chooses him as the recipient of the annual pardon, Reggie is living the high life. His turkey friends are still oblivious to their inevitable demise. However, Reggie’s luxury gets turned upside down when Jake, a large turkey voiced by Woody Harrelson, kidnaps Reggie and convinces him to travel back in time to prevent turkey ever being put on the Thanksgiving menu. (They kind of forget that turkey is eaten on other days, in various forms, as well…oh well.)

Just browsing the reviews on Free Birds is enough to scare you away from stepping foot in the movie theater. Free Birds lacks the charm and humor of many other children’s movies. The love story between Reggie and Jenny, voiced by Amy Poehler, is lackluster and the ending feels forced, as if the creators knew there needed to be an ending so they just came up with one that in no way was earned.

Though the film will give you a few chuckles, it is not a movie that you will want to buy and watch over and over. It’s a ho-hum film that will leave you feeling unsatisfied, much unlike a nice turkey dinner.

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