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Free Angela and All Political Prisoners

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Angela Davis was one of the most radical and prominent political activists of the late 20th Century.  She was a member of the Communist Party whose relations with the Black Panthers and her involvement and activism in the fight for civil rights and feminism eventually led to Reagan attempting to bar her from professorship and ultimately landed her on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners is a new feature length documentary directed by Shola Lynch.  The film catches up with Angela Davis 40 years after the crime, political movement, and trial that led to her being branded as a terrorist.  Davis speaks about the actions that led to this label and the resulting movement that spawned to free her from prison, as well as what it means to be a prominent political icon.

The film embraces the woman behind the silhouette of an afro and shows what truly drove and motivated her to fight the injustices that she saw in the world.  “I am remembered as a hairdo. It is humiliating because it reduces a politics of liberation to a politics of fashion; it is humbling because… encounters with the younger generation demonstrate the fragility and mutability of historical images.”  The film seeks to paint Davis as more than just a figure of black radicalism and activism, but rather an individual who was actively involved in and shaped political movements in the 60s.

Free Angela and All Political Prisoners will be released Friday, April 5th at select AMC Theaters in the US.