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A Tipsy Denzel Washington Takes “Flight”

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Last night I had a chance to watch one of my favorite actors of all-time, Denzel Washington, in his latest movie “Flight.” It was Far from his finest moment, but still a movie well worth watching. “Flight” tells the story a trouble pilot named “Whip,” played by the legendary Denzel Washington. Although Whip was one “hell of a pilot,” alcohol and drug problems pretty much destroyed his personal and professional life.

After a sleepless night of fornication, drinking, and drugging with flight attendant Katerina Marquez (played by the beautiful Nadine Velazquez), Whip was force to do the impossible by landing a malfunctioned plane in outskirts on Atlanta, GA. Whip saved 96 of the 102 passengers, but he was also high off cocaine and booze while surviving this “Act of God.”

With the help of a brilliant attorney played by Don Cheadle, Denzel was able to get the toxicology report removed as evidence and he was almost sure to beat multiple manslaughter charges. However, his guilty conscious made him confess to being drunk at his hearing and he ended up getting sent to prison.

“Flight” is a very interesting movie that deals with the complexity of alcohol addictions and forces us all to look at our personal demons. As Whip told his story to a group of inmates in prison, he stated “even though I am in prison, this is the first time I have ever felt free.”

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