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So So Active Exclusive: Five Minutes with Neo-Soul Artist Lyric Nicole

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Recently, I’ve been away in production on two music videos for local artists in the Orlando area. Not only was it my first time working semi-professionally, it was my first time directing a music video, let alone two. One of the artists that I directed was Lyric Nicole, a young neo-soul singer with a fantastic voice and beautiful music under the Me 2 Entertainment label. I may be biased in my choice of words but you should check her out yourself. I won’t go into more detail about my times directing since that would be another, much longer piece. After the hecticness of a rushed production, I sat down with Ms. Lyric Nicole about her inspirations and work ethic.

After a session to refine one the songs on her debut album, we sat down in John Blanche Studios in Longwood, Florida for a quick interview.

Lyric discusses her experience writing for nineteen years, the origin of her stage name, the inspirations in her personal life as well as her music, and the artists that she would love to make music with.

Her first single, In My Feelings (the video I was graciously asked to direct), is out now on CD Baby. Her self-titled debut album is set to come out later this May, so be on the lookout for that.

If you’re looking to connect with Lyric, like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and on her Instagram.

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