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April Fools Day 2014: Five Comedians You Should Know

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ComedyBesides music, comedy is life. Our life. You can’t go through an entire day without witnessing, hearing, or reading some form of comedy. Plus, there’s different types of comedy: physical, dry, British, corny, and musical. But the type of comedy we’re going to be talking about is stand-up. I listen to stand-up more than I do music and I recite jokes from comedians like they’re my own. It makes me the life of the party. Comedy is subjective and you may not find funny what I find hilarious. Here are five comics that I think you should check out.

Kyle Kinane5. Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane is not only funny, he’s also the voice behind the Comedy Central commercials. Kyle is great at self-depreciating comedy where he ridicules himself. He’s constantly talking about how lonely he is and how the world seems to be booing him, like in this joke. It may sound depressing or like a sad therapy session, but Kyle constantly beating himself up always brings a smile to my face.

Doug Benson4. Doug Benson

Hey everybody! Doug Benson is a favorite of mine for some time, mainly because when he grabs the mic, he’s infectious. His jokes may not always land but he has a way of making you laugh. It could be because he’s got this Dazed and Confused vibe to him. He loves movies and weed and love to hear him talk about both.

anthony_jeselnik3. Anthony Jeselnik

Yes, I know he’s well known but I love a good joke every once in a while where everyone is targeted in some way. You like to listen to clean-cut comedy where no one is targeted, too bad. Jeselnik will crack rape jokes, dead baby jokes, 9/11 jokes and even Casey Anthony jokes. He’s always throwing his family under the bus with surrounding his mom; whether they’re true or not doesn’t matter.

Pete Holmes2. Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes is easy to fit in this list because he’s always laughing. His jokes are really, really corny most of the time but since Holmes is having a good time on stage everyone in the audience is willing to let loose and have fun. His comedy is definitely not for everyone and at times it fells like his comedy is geared toward the kindergarten crowd. It’s not but that’s what makes it funnier.

Photo by Ezmosis

Photo by Ezmosis

1. Hannibal Buress

What I like about Hannibal Buress is that he’s not like other black comics; take a look at Katt Williams, Martin Lawrence and Cedric The Entertainer to compare and see what I mean. Hannibal turns the most mundane things into jokes and they work. Since when is racism funny? When Hannibal mistakes it for hatred of apple juice, that’s when.

There are plenty of other comedians I would have liked to place on this list that I wasn’t able to. If you want, check out Marc Maron, Kumail Nanjiani, Jen Kirkman, John Mulaney, and more.

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