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Find that Tune with Shazam for Android

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Have you ever been listening to a new song on the radio only to be frustrated when they don’t say who it is? Well, there’s an Android app called Shazam that can help you out with that by ensuring you’ll never have to guess again.

The Shazam app is very simple to use; if you hear a song and want to know more you just need to hit the “Shazam” symbol on the tagging tab. The app instantly goes to work and pops up with the name of the song along with a slew of other options. You can share the song, download it through Amazon’s Mp3 store, watch the video, check concert dates, and get recommendations on similar tracks.

But wait… that’s not all, Shazam also gives you the artists’ discography, creates Pandora stations, finds ringtones, and is hooked into Spotify. It won’t do your laundry or wash your car, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that comes in the next update. Shazam has a few more tricks up its sleeve with the chart and friends tab. The friends tab shows you what you’re buddies are “tagging” and connects via Facebook. The charts tab shows you what’s hot and gives you the top 10 songs being tagged.


Shazam is a great app to have if you listen to a lot of music, but it’s more than just a music identifier as some might think. It’s really a music discovery app or sorts that has a very nice social feel to it. It also helps that it works extremely well and can find almost any song within a few seconds.  The app is updated constantly and they recently added a new feature called LyricPlay that lets you see full-screen lyrics that play in real time while you’re tagging. Overall it’s a great app and one that I highly recommend for anyone and everyone.  There is a fully functioning free version of Shazam you can try or you can skip to the fully loaded Shazam Encore version for $4.99.




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