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Filtr Spotify App Review

5 1989

I’m already incredibly impressed with the Filtr Spotify app. Another innovative idea made to automate your music listening experiencing by simply typing an artist’s name into a search box. The Filtr Spotify app is a socially geared app designed to share playlists with your social network friends and peek into what playlists they have created.

You can choose to type multiple names into the search box for a more specified multiplicity of music for playlist creating. Not only can you type the name of your favorite artists; but even Facebook friends, events, countries, and more. One can get lost in the various combination of choices to include when searching.

Not happy with the choices Filtr created from a desired artist, click the refresh button and the app will instantaneously display completely new selections.

Its almost a completely user-friendly digital jukebox that randomly selects music based on your preferences. Like what the search comes up with? Add it as a playlist and enjoy the automated smart-like experience anytime.

There are a lot of playlists already made that offer a more era-based music experience from 90’s, Pop, and Rap/R&B hits from different eras. Its definitely a way to glance over the music that shaped recent time periods of popular culture.

No play-back problems with the Filtr Spotify app so I didn’t deduct any points for keeping the user wanting to spend more time with the app. This is exactly what Spotify users need more of,with its simple and easy one-two steps for creating new and fun playlists for you and all your friends. Why bother with a radio dial ever again when Spotify gives us delicacies like Filtr to enhance music listening with more of what we like as often and plentiful as we want. I rate the Filtr 4/5.

Matt G is independent recording artist and viral marketing expert from Austin, TX. His music can be heard at: mattgmuzik.com
  • Ben

    Matt, do you have any idea what the “expand” button does? Nowhere on the internet is this clarified.

    • Matt G

      Which “expand button” are you referring to? Within the App?

    • Matt G

      I believe it expands the taste of music outside your usual preferences.  At least thats what I’m thinking the more I mess with it.  Since it bases its selection on what you play, it possibly gives more variety of music you’re unfamiliar with

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000060922918 Michael Kytka Jr.

    I too have been also trying to figure this one out…but I get it now…the expand button plays more of the same type of music that is currently highlighted…so if you like a particular song within the playlist you can play more songs like it…if that answers your question

  • Jon

    I thought this was a great app at first, then I realized it was constantly giving me the exact same songs for the artist I selected no matter how many times I refreshed or re-selected the artist name so now it’s not that great.