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Fifteen Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids This Fall

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Summer is long gone and the blustery autumn is upon us, so what can you do with your kids that will be just as fun as swimming in the hot sun? Well, nothing will really live up to that, but I have fifteen great activities to do with your kids before winter is thrust on us that will not only be fun, but will give you all great memories for years to come.

1. Jumping in a Pile of Leaves

Those pesky leaves aren’t going to rake themselves, so enlist the help of the entire family and rake all the leaves in your yard into one GIANT pile and then…JUMP IN!

2. Indoor Drive-in Movie

Create the drive-in movie theater in the comfort of your home with cardboard cars for the little ones to sit in and have a variety of snacks. It’s much cheaper and you won’t have to worry about trying to unstrap a sleeping child from a car seat to get them to bed. Bonus.



3. Camping

Camp out in the backyard or, if it’s too cold, camp in the living room—tent and all! Make s’mores and hot chocolate and tell ghost stories!

4. Go Apple Picking (and then make a pie!)

This is pretty self-explanatory: take the whole family to a local orchard, get bushels of apples, and then make pie! Who doesn’t love pie? That’s right. NO ONE.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of things that the kids have to find, either in the house or outside. Make sure to have a reward for the end of the scavenger hunt.

6. Build a Fort

Grab every blanket you own and build the biggest and coolest fort imaginable. If possible, make pathways inside so it’s a maze!



7. Arts and Crafts

Do some sort of art project, be it painting, gluing, or whatever you can find in the house. Make a drum out of a coffee can, paint with shaving cream, make a funny hat—be creative!

8. Science Experiments

Do a science experiment—your kids will have fun and learn at the same time.

9. Play Dress Up

Play dress up with your kids and let your imagination run wild! If you’re feeling brave, even allow them to do hair and makeup for the full effect.

10.  Go to a Water Park

If you do not like these ideas and your kids are dying to be able to swim, take them to an indoor water park. May be pricey, but it will sure to wear them out and quench their desire to swim.

11. Write to Family Members

Have your kids write letters (or draw pictures) to different family members and mail them. Let them decorate the letters and envelopes with markers and stickers.

12. Lava Floor Game

Who hasn’t played this game in their life? Put pillows and blankets on the floor throughout the house and declare that the floor is made of lava! You and your kids can only travel through the house by stepping on the pillows, blankets, and furniture.



13. Dance Party

Turn on some music and get your groove on. Teach your kids your sweet dance moves. They’ll think you’re the coolest, until they become teenagers.

14. Puppet Show

Either put on a puppet show for your kids or vice versa. Make sock puppets from old—and clean—socks and let their little minds run wild.

15. Write a Story

Get several sheets of paper and write a story together. Have the kids illustrate and color the story.


Go make memories with your kids!

Riley McDaniel is an aspiring writer with a love for children, writing, music, and movies. She has her BFA degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University and hopes to use her work to instill a love of reading and writing in others. Though she has a passion for writing, her passion for chocolate is almost just as strong.