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Fergie Gives Birth To Baby Boy!

Fergie, who is most prominently known for being the only female in Black Eyed Peas, has given birth to a baby boy. The boy, who weighed in at seven pounds, ten ounces, is the first child for the singer. She’s married to actor Josh Duhamel, most recognizable from Transformers and television’s Las Vegas.

The boy was birthed via C-section yesterday and looked to Guns-N-Roses for inspiration on naming the kid. Axl Jack Duhamel is that poor kids name, named after G-N-R frontman Axl Rose. Not the most terrible of names but it’s pretty stupid, if you don’t mind my saying. I do have to give it up, it is creative but this isn’t a story where they can name any character what they want. They potentially screwed this kids chances of working in a corporate office. “What’s his name? Axl? No, give the job to Bob.”

I do wish the family well and congratulations.

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