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The Side Effects of Fantasia

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Fantasia’s 4th album, Side Effects of You, was promised to be a refreshing new look at Fantasia.  I was left sadly disappointed.

There is nothing truly spectacular on this album.  “If I Was a Bird” is particularly lackluster and the beats and melody clash and are unable to mesh in a pleasant manner.  The title track “Side Effects of You” is barely passable and probably shouldn’t have even made it on this album, much less inspired the name of the album.

This album which is often described as “a multitude of sounds” is not like that at all.  The songs all retain the same bland, almost monotonous vibe while also managing to incorporate other tracks.  “Ain’t All Bad” is eerily similar to Jazmine Sullivan’s “I Need You Bad.”  “Change Your Mind” incorporates Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, but still manages to remain dull.

I will give Fantasia this.  While she typically is unable to control her powerhouse vocals in a way that stomps over the more subtle and nuanced bits of music, she’s managed to overcome that flaw.  In all, Side Effects of You is probably Fantasia’s best album to date.  However, it was entirely unimpressive.

Mackenzie is an Alabama native attending NYU and studying Journalism and Dramatic Literature. She hopes to one day live in London and write for the BBC.