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10 Interesting Facts About Eminem’s Relapse

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eminemrelapseMany consider Relapse to be Eminem’s weakest effort. He had a couple of hits from it but it wasn’t a huge hit the way MMLP1 or The Eminem Show was. Yes, it went double platinum but the quality of the album was, according to some fans on the Internet, lackluster. But after coming off of listening to The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and wanting to go back an listen to his back catalog, So So Active presents ten interesting facts about Eminem’s Relapse.


• Released in 2009, the album was his first to be completely filled with original material since Encore, released in 2004.


• He fell into a deep depression after the death of friend Proof and a failed second marriage to his longtime muse Kimberly Scott (Yes, that Kim). He became addicted to prescription drug and eventually suffered from writer’s block.

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• Rumors spread in mid-2007 that Eminem was working on an album and there was confirmation from Obie Trice, Cashis and others that it was true. That same year Eminem said, in a HOT97 interview that he didn’t have plans to release new material in the near future. In December of that year he overdosed on a synthetic opioid and was hospitalized. He began twelve-step program in the beginning of 2008.


• In his period of writer’s block, he felt as though everything he was writing wasn’t worthy of being recorded and mixed. His long-time collaborator Jeff Bass insisted he try to freestyle off the top of the head. So he began recording songs one line at a time.


• The only song on the album that was recorded while he wasn’t sober was Beautiful.


• Chose to work with Dr. Dre for the entirety of the production process. In the past he and Dre would get together for the writing process but he felt that he would challenge himself by choosing beats that would force him to mix up his flow.


• Eminem planned to release Relapse 2, a more emotionally driven album than Relapse. However, after mixed reviews from fans and critics, he scrapped the idea.


• Eminem couldn’t figure out which song to dedicate to Proof so he dedicated the entire album to his late friend.


• Bill O’Reilly felt as though his parody of Sarah Palin in the We Made Video was vile.


• Though the album is considered to be his weakest, Complex magazine ranked seven from this album on the 100 Best Eminem songs list, including Stay Wide Awake and 3 AM.

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