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10 Interesting Facts About Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

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Nine years later- The legendary Ron Burgundy is at it again. The whole gang is back in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

I have compiled 10 interesting facts that should wet your appetite for the long awaited sequel. In my research, it was actually very interesting to watch interviews and read dozens of articles explaining the layout of the film and the process of the actors coming back together again to just do a movie they could have fun with. Check out these tidbits I put together from sources across the web.

1. The rest of the cast was unaware that there was to be a second Anchorman movie until
Will Ferrell announced it on Conan.

Ron Burgundy Anchorman
2. The first cut of Anchorman was about four and a half hours long.

Anchor Man 2 - Cast
3. There are up to five versions of every scene in the film.

Champ Kind Anchorman 2
4. Originally, Anchorman 2 was imagined as a musical.

Ron - Anchorman - New Book
5. Prior to filming, several thousand dollars worth of filming and production
equipment was stolen from the warehouse it was being stored in.

jennifer lawrence wallpaper
6. Jennifer Lawrence was offered a role, but had to decline due to scheduling issues.

Drake - Anchorman 2 - Photos
7. Random Actor cameos during NYC shooting include: Harrison Ford, Nicole Kidman,
Kanye West, Tina Fey, Kirsten Dunst, Sacha Baron Cohen, Amy Poehler, Drake, and Meryl Streep.

Ron Burgundy and Dog Baxter
8. Part of the movie is filmed in Atlanta, GA, whose business district was partly transformed to look like vintage New York City by film crews.

seth-rogen-laugs loud
9. Seth Rogen’s laugh was so loud during a test screening that it ruined the audio track.



10. Release date is set for December 18th.

Much like the first film, this script tackles an actual social issue from a comedic standpoint. In the original Anchorman, Ron Burgundy and his news team battle their fear of women integrating into the male dominated workforce. This time they tackle the subject of race. As usual, they push beyond any normal boundaries surrounding such issues. The balance tends to come from the fact that Ron is portrayed as absolutely clueless, which allows the script to be funny instead of insulting.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Anchorman 2 was coming out. If you are like me, you sit there after a good comedy and just wish there was another adventure or more hijinks for the cast to stumble into. I have been that way about things like Pineapple Express, or Hot Fuzz…but thankfully, the wait for a new Ron Burgundy adventure will soon be over. I do not know about you, but this writer will be in a movie theatre on December 18th to catch the opening night of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

Hey, at least it’s not another remake of a classic film, or Hollywood stealing another idea from foreign screenplays.



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