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10 Must Know Facts About Actor Paul Walker

Paul WalkerActor Paul Walker died this past weekend from a fatal car accident. The actor, who just recently turned 40 years-old was filming the seventh Fast and Furious film, his sixth, when he perished. He had a long career in the movie industry and appeared in over twenty something movies including The Fast and The Furious, Joy Ride, Pleasantville, Eight Below, and Running Scared. Though he went too soon, So So Active is going to celebrate his life with ten must know facts about Paul Walker.


•Began modeling at the age of 2 years old. He even appeared in a Pampers commercial.

•For those of you old enough to remember, Paul Walker appeared on the kids game show I’m Telling way back in 1988.


• Actually held a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


• Had a passion for marine biology and even joined the board of directors of The Billfish Foundation in 2006. The Billfish Foundation is dedicated to helping the billfish from danger. Check out their foundation here.

Actor Paul Walker

• According to IMDb, Paul Walkers first film appearance was in Programmed to Kill in 1987. His first starring role didn’t come until 1998 with Meet the Deedles.

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• Of the people considered for the iconic Brian O’Connor role in the Fast and the Furious franchise were Eminem, Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.

Paul Walker and Scott Caan

• Has worked with Scott Caan on numerous occasions. They both starred in Varsity Blues, Into The Blue, and Life Makes Sense if You’re Famous with each other.


• In 2001 he was chosen as one of the world’s most beautiful people by People magazine.

Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) is fascinated by his fiery powers.

• Was considered for the role of Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four. However, it went to actor Chris Evans instead.


• Had a passion racing cars. In 2 Fast 2 Furious, Walker hand picked all vehicles for the film and the first car he’s seen driving in the movie is his personal vehicle.

Rest in Peace, Paul Walker.

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