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Exclusive Interview with Stefano and Christian Fazzini Co-Founders of TwitMusic

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Twitmusic is a music platform that allows artists to share their music via Twitter with their existing the followers and new audiences.

With over 400 million users, Twitmusic is being used by some of the biggest names in music: Jason Mraz, M.C. Hammer, Bow Wow, and Bryan Adams. TwitMusic is the newest music start-up to join Dave McClure’s 500 Start-ups; and has recently relocated from Manila to the U.S to take advantage of the Valley’s start-up ecosystem and to be closer to the U.S. entertainment industry.

Here is an interview we recently had with Co-Founders Stefano Fazzini and Christian Fazzini – about attracting early adopters, moving to the U.S. and advice for new artists.

How did TwitMusic start?

Back when Twitter was growing rapidly, Twitpic and Twidvid were validation that it was possible to build successful 3rd party apps on top of Twitter.

There was tremendous opportunity in this space and at that moment, there was a huge influx of musicians to Twitter seeking to connect with their fans. However, there was one problem – they needed a better way to share & effectively promote their music to their followers – that’s when Twitmusic.com was conceptualized.

How were you able to attract mainstream early adopters like MC Hammer and Jason Mraz?

Stefano: Part of the reason we were able to attract mainstream artists is because of the value proposition that Twitmusic.com provides for musicians on Twitter. Moreover, we were also able to reach them by going through our network and reach key decision-makers in the music industry.

How did the deal with 500 Start-Ups come about?

Stefano: 500 Startups works under a referral system. Typically, they only look at startups who have been referred to them by their mentors network. In our case, we hustled our way through the system by reaching out to tech investors and friends who were connected to Dave McClure or Paul Singh (Partners at 500 Startups) and asked for a referral – if you don’t ask, you don’t receive. A week after, they reached out to me to learn more about our product and things started popping from there.

I read somewhere that you guys were relocating to the U.S. If this is true, why the move?

Christian: Moving to the U.S, more particularly to the Valley, makes sense on so many levels. On the stage of product development, we are able to tap into the technical resources, which can be found everywhere. That’s because San Francisco has an amazing and strong start-up ecosystem. This includes a huge pool of mentors, events, investors and all kinds of startup companies in every stage of development. All ready to listen and help in any way possible. Everyone is in one place and your next meeting is a networking opportunity.

On the production side, if your startup is tied to a specific industry, whats better than to settle in one of its centers. At TwitMusic, we focus on music entertainment. LA and New York can help us reach out further. We have connected with artists in person, attended music events and formed relationships easier.

How do you deal with the fact that a lot of your business depends on the success of Twitter?

Christian: Twitter is an amazing platform. It’s API is one of the better ones we have seen, especially on the documentation side. We can connect to their service seamlessly, which allows us to provide the features on TwitMusic, today, to our end-users and artists alike. As well as the vast number of users on Twitter, it also accommodates several thousands of artists. They use Twitter everyday. Their fans and followers interact with them and artists interact back.

Our platform takes things a bit further, by allowing artists to upload their music. Because of the integration we have with Twitter, our artists are always informed about what is happening. Moreover, we also provide Twitter specific analytics to help artists understand their audience more. If anything, we should look at Twitter and TwitMusic as services that compliment one another.

What type of advice would you give a new artists looking to leverage the marketing power of Twitter?

Stefano: I think musicians should have a good understanding of today’s marketing and distribution mechanisms. In that regard, social media is playing a dominant role for the success of many musicians, so failing to harness the power of the Internet is lethal and failing to adapt to new technologies and online services quickly is a missed opportunity.

Looking at Twitter, there are several ways they can leverage the platform. Firstly, it is simply the best way to connect directly with their fans – it provides them with a direct channel of communication and a way for artists to build a new fan base.

Second, Twitter is very viral in nature because of the real-time aspect and the simple, quick and easy sharing of tweets. Thus, leveraging this element of virality is important to spreading the word out on Twitter. Twitter hashtags are also an important tool from a marketing standpoint, and if you get on the Trending section, you will definitely go viral.

Last but not least, Twitmusic.com is the way for musicians to leverage Twitter’s marketing power as it enables the music artists’ music to spread to new audiences as their followers engage the music.