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First it was Chris Brown who literally killed her and his career over her. And, last year Drake opened up about being hurt by Rihanna and wanting to be more than “just friends” with her. Recently during Memorial Day Weekend in Miami the two were spotted getting cozy at Club Liv and rumors began to fly again.

Say what you want to say, but Rihanna is one of the most wanted women in the world.

For the past 5 days, the biggest story in music has been the fight between Chris Brown and Toronto, Canada rapper Drake at an after hours spot W.I.P in SOHO New York. The fight is said to have stemmed from Drake’s crew making fun of Chris Brown because of Rihanna. There are always two sides of the puzzle and who knows what happens in a club full of drunken hot people?The party was full of celebs and even NBA superstar Tony Parker was injured in the fight at the SOHO after hours hot spot W.I.P.

There are a lot of different stories on what happened and some are saying that rapper Meek Millz, who is rumored to have dated Rihanna was involved as well. Meek Millz is currently on tour with Drake and recently signed a management deal with Rihanna’s label, Roc Nation. Was all this drama over Rihanna? Needless to say the fight was a mess and it ended up with several people getting hurt and Rihanna responded by blaming “stupid famous people” on the incident…