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Mixtape Review – Electric Highway by Rockie Fresh

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Rockie Fresh released his first mixtape as an MMG artist today and Electric Highway is everything I’ve wanted, but didn’t even know I needed yet.  This review should come with a warning: I am a nerd.  More specifically, I am a movie nerd.  Needless to say, I was nearly sold by the time a DeLorean was mentioned in the first few seconds of “The Future” and again in Superman OG”.  Maybe this was finally the hip-hop artist for me.

And I did find myself enjoying Electric Highway.  The bobbing, pop-like bits bring the 80s synthesized sound that’s not often attributed with MMG tracks, yet manages to maintain a futuristic vibe as well.  “The Warnings” was by far my favorite track on the mixtape.  The smooth melodies meshes perfectly with the rough and gritty beat.

But apart from the melodies and beats the mixtape produces (because quite frankly, that part all begins to sound the same 10 tracks in), the loveliest part about Electric Highway is that it’s a journey.  It’s a journey that Rockie Fresh is taking us on with a few stars, Nispey Hussle and Sasha Go Hard, in the passenger seat to guide him along the way.  While tracks like “Thick B**** (Hit My Jack)” aren’t lyrically my cup of tea, most of his songs tell a story about his life and his rise in the musical industry.

The ending of “Superman OG” begins to sound almost as if Rockie Fresh is reassuring himself. “You see that I’m blessed, too hot to be depressed/G-d d*** it I’m fresh, g-d d*** it I’m next/I just get me some neck, then get right back to my checks/These people all on my d*ck since the big break/Fake fans, they ain’t even got the mixtape”.  “Father Forgive ‘Em” is a song about the struggles Rockie Fresh faced in his early rap career and those who tried to discourage or thwart his goals.

While 17 similar sounding tracks can be a bit tiresome and repetitive, Electric Highway avoids becoming contrived and overdone.  It’s a peek into Rockie Fresh’s personal journey, and I enjoyed every minute of it.