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Earhoox Wants To Leave No Earbud Left Behind

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Earhoox, if you don’t know what they are, is a relatively new piece of technology designed for earphones. You suffered in the past with those earbuds falling from your ear or maybe you’ve experienced some pain when they’re in your ear for too long. With Earhoox, they fit comfortably in your ear, prevent them from falling out and they’re cheap. However, they lack certain aspects to be considered perfect.

The product themselves are made from silicon and can be stretched out pretty far, making them durable. They wrap around the earphones, specifically the Apple Earbuds that came with the iPhone 4s and earlier models. However, they can fit around non-in-ear earphones like those cheap Gumy’s you find everywhere. Earhoox look like dorsal fins (like those of a shark or dolphin) with a circular bottom. The fin comes in two different sizes: large and small, to fit any size ear. When you purchase a set of from the Earhoox website, you get a pair of large and small in your desired color.

The fitting of the earhoox is quite comfortable but there is a learning curve. Though the product comes with an insert slip in the packaging do demonstrate how they work, they take some getting used to to find that perfect fit. When you do, however, they fit comfortably in your ear. The earphone isn’t dug deep in your ear but rests just above the ear canal. This lets in ambient noise to keep you aware of your surroundings. The downside to this is that I find myself raising the volume on my phone. I like my music loud but you may be different.

Earhoox is geared toward the athletes who train, run, bike, swim, walk, or just work out while listening to music. If you want to do that, Earhoox is sweat proof so they stay in place. For those of us who just want to listen to music while just lounging around, Earhoox is still a good buy for the ease of use associated with it. There are times where I lay down and listen to music or watch hours of YouTube videos and I want that audio to stay in my head. The fight with gravity my earphones take are always a losing one.

The major downsides to this are the lack of variety in the type of earphones I could use it with and the color choice. Earhoox come in five colors: Classic Greem, Jet Black, Hot Pink, Glacier White, and Sky Blue. While those colors are great, there are days where I want to accessorize with my clothes. I would like to see a nice red color, or a purple, maybe even an awesome yellow or orange. The website does offer some customization but I’ve yet to test it out.

Also, Earhoox only works for the circular earphones not any of the in-ear variety. That’s a huge lose because I love the quality that comes from the Skullcandy Mic’d and other Skullcandy products. I’ve done a little DIY but the results always come out lackluster. Lastly, the Apple Earbuds that came with the iPhone 5 aren’t really compatible with Earhoox either. They can wrap around the bud perfectly but they block out the speaker, muffling the audio. The quality decreases enough for you to notice and is a huge problem.

While the Earhoox product is a great one for those who seek solutions to their earphone problem, they aren’t a one-stop shop for all earphone solutions. They can’t fit those in-ear earphones or the iPhone 5 Earbuds. Another gripe is the lack of variety in color but that’s something you can overlook. At $10 for a set (one pair of large and one pair of small), they come cheap. They’re durable and they do fulfill what they set out to do. I have to give them a ‘So Active’ rating; Three out of Four.

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