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Drake’s the Man

Photo courtesy of Allthingsgomusic.com

Photo courtesy of Allthingsgomusic.com

Last week Nicki Minaj dropped a stream of hits from “Anaconda” to a remix with Beyonce’ for “Flawless” as well as teamed up with Jessie J and Ariana Grande for the “Bang Bang” single.  She definitely proved that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Fast-forward to this week and label mate Drake shows why he reigns Young Money supreme.  Not only did Drake kick off his headlining tour Drake VS. Wayne, he randomly drops a verse on rapper producer ILOVEMAKONNEN’s song “Club Going Up on a Tuesday”, in addition to Wayne’s new hit “Grindin” from his Carter V album.

The rapper Instagrammed this photo late Monday night.

Drake 3

When ILOVEMAKONNEN got wind of Drake’s addition to the song, his friend took to social media to reveal his reaction.  In the video, ILOVEMAKONNEN shockingly squeals, “This can not be real right now!”

Lucky guy.  A lot of artist could learn from Drake’s charisma.  Not only is he extremely talented in all spectrums of entertainment, he ‘s a humble guy who’s not afraid to put other young entrepreneurs on as well.  Many artist now days would view new comers as competition who should fend for themselves, but intelligent artists like Drake saw it as an opportunity to further promote his talents along with gaining respect from ILOVEMAKONNEN’s supporters.

Kudos to you Aubrey (Drake).

In addition to being an idol to many, Drake has been an excellent student under friend, and mentor Lil Wayne.  The two both have winning nights thus far on their tour.  According to Drake’s Instagram, fans voted Drake the winner of the Chicago concert three days ago based on concert performance.  He posted this picture along with the caption, “Big win tonight!!  Chicago THANK YOU”.

Drake 2

Wayne on the other hand won the concert’s debut night.  The Rap-up.com states that fans were instructed to download the tour app so that they could vote on who would perform first and who would win the friendly duel.   They write:

“After an exhaustive duel, fans were instructed to use the app to vote for a winner. Tunechi claimed victory and celebrated the moment on Twitter.”

Tunechi is Lil Wayne’s current rapper “nickname.”  According to Rapfix.mtv.com, the origin of Tunechi came from Lil Wayne’s late grandmother.  He states on the site, “My nickname is Lil Tune—my grandmother named me that,” he explained. “She’s passed. My grandmother, her name was Mercedes Carter. She named me Lil Tune. We just threw the ‘Chi’ on there. Like Gucci, I say ‘Tunechi!’ ”

Photo Courtesy of ?blog.tickpick.com

Photo Courtesy of ?blog.tickpick.com

To witness this extravagant event live and in person click here to locate a show near you.

With the tour ending in Houston, Texas on September 27, 2014, Drake might have the advantage.

Who do you think will win the battle Drake or Lil Wayne?

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The rapper Instagrammed this photo late Monday night.

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