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Drake Speaks About Crazy Amanda Bynes

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In a recent interview with XXL, Canadian rapper Drake broke his silence on those series of tweets made directly to him by former child star Amanda Bynes. She tweeted in the past many things including wanting to have Drake “murder her vagina“, that he was “the man of her dreams“, and then calling him “fugly.” Bynes has since had run-ins with the law and has been placed in a mental facility. In fact, Bynes’ parents wishes she could stay longer. But that hasn’t stopped Drake to speak about the What I Like About You star.

He told XXL:

 don’t even know who that is doing that or what that’s about. If that is her, I guess it’s a little weird and disturbing.

He’s not truly convinced that the tweets coming from her profile aren’t from her but says their doing it to grab someones attention. Drake is featured on the 150th cover of XXL and will hit store shelves August 20.

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