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Drake Nothing Was The Same Album Review

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I never gave the credit Drake deserved for being a lyricist. He’s been around for quite some time and though he’s put out some great music over the years, I’ve never given the attention other people do. He’s has some great lines but I never pegged him to be a good conscious rapper like Wale, Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole. I think it was because he was rolling with Lil’ Wayne for a while that I didn’t take him seriously. Thank Me Later and Take Care, his past two albums, slipped past me but after listening to Nothing Was The Same, I’ll give them a listen. Nothing Was The Same is one of the year’s best hip-hop albums that I’ve had the chance to listen to. And with a year of Watching Movies With The Sound Off, Hall of Fame, The Gifted, and Born Sinner, this an album that you should definitely check out.

The first track off the album is one of the most memorable ones of the album. Beginning with a sample of Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing backwards, Drake starts rapping bragging about how much money his last album made. But the whole song isn’t about him bragging, no; the song is broken down into three sections, each of which deal a certain aspect of his life from where he is now, his relationships, and his upbringing. The production on the track is truly unique as well utilizing I Have Nothing three different ways to create a different beat every time.


The next song, Furthest Thing is a mature song discussing his imperfections. His word play on lines like I got ’em worried, like make sure you save a slice for me/I should have Spoons, serve you up with a fork and knife for me, play very well with the tonality of the rest of the album. He does say that there’s no filler on the album, which is unfortunate because Started From The Bottom is the next song. Next up is the controversial track Wu Tang Forever, a song about his comeuppance and a past fling. That fling is then explored in more detail in Own It, a blend of his rap skills and his singing abilities.


By far, I think Worst Behavior is the worst song on the album. Skip over to Hold On, We’re Going Home and you have a great song that can enjoyed for years on end. It feels like an interlude sandwiched in the center of the album. The production of the track makes it feel as though the song was produced during the 1980s; it feels timeless in that regard.


The next few songs are good but the song that stands out is Too Much. As the second to last song, it’s like he’s wrapping up a great album in gold foil and Pound Cake is the bow tied to make it presentable. Too Much is such a personal, deep, emotional song about his family issues. It’s no surprise that Drake is so forth and outright but this one feels much more personal and close to his heart. Pound Cake is full of word play from him and featured artist Jay Z. Also broken down into two parts, it’s a nice way of wrapping up a good album.


If you’re on the fence on getting this album, I say go for it. If anything, get the Best Buy version since it features All Me with 2 Chainz and Big Sean, if you don’t have it already. With a year filled with rap album of the year contenders, Nothing Was The Same is sure to be mentioned in the same regard as Wale, Mac Miller, and even Kanye West.


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