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Drake Loses His Basketball Cred

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With the video of Drake airballing being shopped around everywhere like the name of it was Superhead, people are wondering if this means his credibility has diminished. Has it? I wouldn’t go that far to say that he lost his street cred but it did hurt a little bit.
Besides his bruised ego, Drake managed to hurt himself a tad with the airball heard ‘round the worl- America. Here’s the video.

Pitchfork refers to this incident as the day that Drake’s career ended. I mean, his career didn’t end but he does lose the right to ever use another basketball reference in his music.
He’s not Steph Curry plus he lied about shooting in the gym. Why would anyone ever lie about that? Plus, now Drake has the same, if not worse, basketball skills compared to the awesome Larry King.

Compare Drake’s airball to Kendrick Lamar’s jump shots and J. Cole’s alley-oop.

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