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Do’s and Dont’s For Status Updates on Facebook

In the world of social media people seem to want to record every tiny detail of their lives, no matter how much other people really don’t care. But there are some things about your status updates on Facebook that are okay to do, and some things that are major Don’ts. So for your informational pleasure, here are some Do’s and Don’ts for status updates on Facebook.

DON’T post a random sentence that no one can even guess the meaning of if you have no intentions or desire to explain it further. It’s really annoying and basically defeats the purpose of a status update. Example: ” I’m so mad I can’t stand it!”

DO post a complete thought that people can easily follow without 100 comments to figure it out. (as if your life is that interesting to another human being).

DON’T relentlessly whine about how terrible your life is and how much everything sucks if you are continuously going to refuse to do anything to change it. It gets old really fast reading someone’s status updates that only consist of  whining about the same old thing. Example: “My life sucks. I hate my boyfriend!”… “My boyfriend is such a jerk”…”Why do I keep ending up with this jerk?”.

DO look for support from friends on Facebook when something unfortunate happens and thank them for their supportive comments. Also be happy to tell your friends about the good (without bragging) which brings me to my next point.

DON’T be an ass, meaning don’t rub your successes in others’ faces with an attitude that makes you sound like a pompous ass. Example: “Look at all this money I’m making!” (followed by picture of said money)… “I’m so sexy. Can’t touch this” (Yes that was a MC Hammer reference. You’re sharp).

You Can't Touch this

DO Tell your friends about the good things that happen to you in a modest way that makes your friends happy for you.

DON’T post ridiculous stuff that no one really gives a crap about. Example: “I just drank a coke! Go me.” Really?

DO pick and choose what you think is ACTUALLY important to tell the world and be careful what you put on the internet.

DON’T post things that will most likely be offensive to anyone on your friends list. It’s irritating to see those things in their news feed and then they have to take the extra time on something they don’t like to hide it so they don’t have to see it again. Example: lewd pictures or statuses like “Just got laid!”.

DO consider what might offend others. Yes, it is your Facebook page, but they are also your friends. Do you really want to make them angry with things like racial slurs, close-minded statements, and/or lewd behavior?

DON’T comment on another friend’s status with animosity and the aim to start a fight, especially if the original post was of something happy. Good job, jerk, you just ruined that post for them. Example: a friend posts a picture of their recent wedding and says how great of a day it was, thanking everyone who came. You weren’t invited for whatever reason and you decide to comment “Yeah, too bad I wasn’t there. Wonder why.”

DO express your thoughts and feelings in a private message to a friend instead of making a nasty comment on their post for all to see. Because those things are just that… private.


Some of you might be thinking, people don’t know this stuff?, but it’s true. So here is a guide to help you out. Even When your emotions get the best of you, which is easy to do on Facebook, just take a breath and read over the do’s and dont’s of Facebook status updates.



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