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Domino Records Spotify App Review

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Domino Records Spotify App Review: 2 out of 5

Domino is another Spotify App dedicated to showcasing the numerous talents of another independent label basked out of the U.K. Works by Bill Ryder, Arctic Monkeys, Real Estate, Franz Ferdinand, and more are featured in Domino.

Yet another very simple interface, and less organized lay-out, there are merely three categories for users to navigate for now. These categories are albums, playlists, and songs. The top “Welcome to Domino” section simply offers a brief detail of the label and a small playlist that won’t play because of the app playback malfunction consistent with all other Spotify Apps.

The albums section doesn’t seem to be in any particular order as it is merely a list of various albums by different Domino artists. There are very brief summary for each album which is a plus other label apps could definitely use to increase listener awareness and even hyperlinks to direct the listener to the album vinyl purchase page.

All the playlists seem to be random collections of label picks and album samplers to give the new listener an introduction to Domino’s 20 years of service to indie rock music. The “Song Playlist” section is broken down by artist which seems simple and direct, it merely takes you to the artist’s Spotify homepage instead of a unique App bio page. This takes for more time consumption in finding stand-out singles that could be a useful tool for Domino newbies.

While I’ve always been a fan of independent music, the mere lack of presentation has always been a fault for indie labels on the marketing front. There is without a doubt some of the most talented musicians to be heard from Domino Records such as Blood Orange, but one wouldn’t be able to tell unless they spent time gallivanting through the un-organized maze of an App that makes up Domino.

Glitches during playback have seem to bring all these apps capabilities down in their attempts to enrich the Spotify experience. If I click on a play button on an album cover, I expect it to actually play music from the album and not leave me with a confused sense of aimlessness.

With a little more visual appeal and homepage organization Domino still has room to increase their apps potential. For now I rate it 2/5.

Matt G is independent recording artist and viral marketing expert from Austin, TX. His music can be heard at: mattgmuzik.com