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Respect The Dj Interview: DJ Sober

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Game changer, trendsetter and celebrity dj, are just a few words to describe Ft. Worth, TX native Will Rhoten AKA Dj Sober. How did he become one of the hottest Dj’s in Dallas?

While working promotions for Red Bull, Trill Will formed his owne crew, pressed up a gang of flyers and developed a serious movement in Dolla$, TX. From spinning at Dirk Nowitzki’s wedding, hosting weekly events and rocking shows with the Oak Cliff duo A.dD+; you can say Sober has casted his net pretty damn wide. On top of that, he has found time to form a new side project called Booty Fade with producer PicnicTyme of the now defunct Dallas trio PPT. With all of his obligations, Sober still had time to kick it with us and below are the results.

Who is DJ Sober?
An artist, music lover, perfectionist and all around nice dude

Who are some DJs that influenced your style?
Jazzy Jeff, Premier, 7L, Dayta and Kenny Dope

How do you find most of the new music you listen to right now?
Souncloud and other fellow Djs… I also visit a record store or two at least once a week

I see that you are doing a lot of creative stuff, as far as marketing goes. What type of advice would you give a new artist on a shoe string budget?
Use your resources and be creative. There are ways to do things that will stand out with little or no funds. Don’t neglect street promotion. You can’t rely strictly on the internet. Also, implement DIY tactics as far as art and design go. People like authentic and this can give listeners/ fans a different taste of who you are.

What is the most memorable gig you have had this far?
Claps and Slaps tour with Black Milk and A.Dd+. Touring is a whole other animal. It’s an amazing feeling being able to rock for new faces, in new places every night. Opening for Justice on Halloween was rad too!

How involved are you in the creative process with A.Dd+?
As far as the live show goes, I am really involved. We always rehearse for each of our shows and change things up for each specific show to keep things fresh. I have a lot of ideas as far as the flow, transitions, alternate beats or show specific twists.

I see that you and Picnictyme are working on a new project called Booty Fade. Where did the name come from and what can we expect from you guys?
Indeed. Haha. I came up with the name from the infamous Dallas haircut, the “booty” or “shag”. Expect some rowdy, high energy club music. Something to shake to.

What is one question that you wished someone would ask you in an interview, and what is the answer?
Am I really Sober? Yes. Always.

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