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Dj Ay Bay Bay – Name One Dj That Really Represents Two States At The Same Damn Time?

Ask anyone that has spent a significant amount of time in the LaTex area, and they will tell you that the most powerful Hip Hop Dj in the land is Ay Bay Bay.

I mean, name one DJ that has a Platinum certified single named after them? Name one DJ who is able to hold down a prime-time spot in the 5th largest music market in the United States, yet still remain humble enough to rock a small club in the backwoods of Mississippi? If you think 2Chainz is a cool moniker, what do you think about 2States?

After years of breaking records and launching the careers of artists like Dorrough Music, the GS Boyz and Hurricane Chris – the Source Power 30 DJ has inked a record deal with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

Kelland: How did the deal with Maybach Music Group come about?
Ay Bay Bay: Me and Ross have supported each other since day one. He is a very observant person, and he’s been paying attention to my moves when he comes to visit me in Shreveport and Dallas. So when he saw the love that I have, he really recognized my movement and how people were attracted to the “spirit.”

So we were at an after party for the BET Awards, and he pulled me to the side and asked “Are you ready to make the move?” I asked him what move and he was like “MMG.” I brushed it of like he was just talking, but I had to think about: In the midst of all the fights and controversy during the awards show, why would he ask me that?

So last week he called me on K104 hotline and he was talking about the MMG music tour, and out of the blue he was like ” Oh, yeah Bay Bay is now part of the Maybach Music Group. It kind of caught me by surprise, so I said “Can you repeat what you just said?” And he was like “Bay Bay is now with MMG. You heard me. I didn’t stutter.”

Kelland: Should we be expecting you to be releasing your own projects like DJ Khaled does with Cash Money Records?
Ay Bay Bay: Exactly and that’s right upon the platform that we were looking for. By my brother Khaled being over there with Universal Cash Money, I was always thinking ahead of myself and saying “Hey what’s another avenue for us to extend our brand into other areas.” So now An What Entertainment has a platform to help us to become a voice for the region, and it will allow us to create some of the best collaborations the world has ever heard.

Kelland: How involved are you in the creative process when you do collaborations with artist like Dorrough and Future?
Ay Bay Bay:
I’m very involved. I go into the studio and I do my part as well. Most people think I’m just a DJ, but I’m an entertainer at the end of the day. You are gonna see a lot more collabaration with me and Dorrough, Big Chief, Tum Tum, Hurricane and my lil nephew Baby 3. It’s gonna be a really great look for the state Texas and Louisiana. Name one Dj that really represents two states at the same damn time?

Kelland: It seems like every since Skip Cheatman departed from K104 and Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show relocated to Atlanta, the Dallas Hip Hop scene has been quiet?
Ay Bay Bay: We’ve been working, but right now there’s not a great platform for our type of music to be heard. With the departing of those two individuals, it puts more responsibility on me to help carry the movement. So the venture with Maybach Music puts us in the right position to help launch some of the best talent in our area.

Kelland: What’s the music scene like in Shreveport right now?
Bay Bay: Hurricane Chris has a mixtape coming out which is hosted by me and Dj Drama, Big Poppa is making some noise and we have some more cats that are really working! There always a calm before the storm…

Kelland: What type of advice would you give an upcoming artist?
Bay Bay: Be yourself! For Halloween I tweeted: “You can spend 364 days being somebody else, but tonight dress up and be yourself you might like it.”

Kelland: Is there any thing you want the public to know about Bay Bay?
Bay Bay: I’m God Fearing!