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DIY Project of the Week: String Heart

Every girl loves to accessorize her space with cute and sassy finds, right? This week I’m going to show you how to make your own cute room decor that you can make your own. Cue the super cute string heart DIY project. With this project not only will you be able to get a little handy with a hammer, but you can tweak the idea to different shapes to make it your own. The sky is the limit. So let’s get started.

What you’ll need:


  • A piece of wood as large as you want (preferably plywood or similarly thin)


  • String/yarn in the color of your choice


  • A Box of nails with good heads to keep the string in place


  • Spray paint in a color of your choice (preferably a good contrast color to your yarn)


  • White paper to draw the heart on






1. Spray paint the wood, making sure to evenly cover and being sure to avoid too much in spots where paint will drip.


2. Once the wood is COMPLETELY dry, tape your white paper onto the wood and draw your heart. You will want to use pencil so that if you make a mistake you can erase and redraw.


3. Now hammer the nails along the outline of your heart about an inch apart. (NOTE: make sure you don’t hammer the nails in too far so that they come out of the other side of the wood but make sure they are in far enough to be secure)




4. After all you nails are in rip the white paper off and discard


5. Now for the REAL fun. Grab your string/yarn and tie a knot around one of the nail heads. Then just keep wrapping the string around any nails, creating whatever pattern you like. Do this until you think you are done. DON’T CUT!




6. To add some more “pop” to it, then take your string wherever you left off and outline the heart by wrapping the string around each nail once in a row.






Viola! You’ve got your very own chic room decor! Thanks everyone and happy creating.







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