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DIY Project of the Week: Duct Tape Phone Case

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So nowadays everything is about customization and people needing to express themselves through their stuff, especially electronics. You can go toAmazon and find hundreds of pages of phone cases for iPhone alone. Some of these cases sell for $20 or more. Savvy and creative shoppers like us however, look for ways to save money and still get a great result. So I bring you the DIY duct tape phone case. You might think that this sounds cheesy and won’t provide you with a great end result, but don’t doubt me yet.

You can actually buy plain old phone cases on Amazon, for example, for dirt-cheap and with all the colors and patterns of duct tape these days, the possibilities are endless. Just browsing Walmart you’ll find dozens of designs, color, and even forms of duct tape.


Here’s what you need:



  • Assorted duct tape colors and/or patterns. Whatever floats your boat.


  • Scissors


First you need to decide on what design you want to do. For the purposes of this instructional guide, we are going to do a striped phone case. You can do this horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.


Step 1:

Cut a piece of duct tape that is longer that the length you actually need (about 1 inch or more on each side).


Step 2:

Smooth your first piece of tape across the case in whatever position you want and press the excess tape on each side down on the work surface. (FYI: don’t use a surface that will peel easily). You should now have a phone case that is basically taped to a table.




Step 3:

Take the scissors and while resting them on the table, cut the tape on each side of the case as close as you can get to the case itself. Then smooth out the ends of tape onto the sides of the case. This way the tape is completely wrapped around the sides of the case.




Repeat steps 1through 3, overlapping tape to make thinner or thicker lines, depending on your preference, to achieve your design.





So lets say you get done and despite the colors and patterns of the tape, it just seems too bland for you. Do you remember the Converse sneakers? You can take it a step further and ad a few rhinestones in places to jazz it up a bit. And there you have it. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Catch my weekly DIY project column for more fun things you can make yourself.





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