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DISCUSSION: Is Charlotte Church Right? Is The Music Industry Over Sexualized?

Singer Charlotte Church has come forth to express her disdain for hyper-sexualized music. Church, known for Soprano voice, slammed artists like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and even the Blurred Lines video for over sexualizing the music industry.

Unlike the Sinead O’Connor open letter, Church generalized the entire music industry namely those who earn high rotations on radio stations. She even states Madonna as being one of the influencers of sexualized artistry of today, though, she says, it could be dated back further than her. “She was a template setter,” Church says. “By changing her image regularly, putting her sexuality in the heart of her image in videos and live performance, the statement she was making was ‘I’m in control of me and my sexuality.’”

But, she says, that when artists of today try to encompass her style, they often “cut corners.” Now, she feels, younger artists have to take their clothes off to have more artistic merit. That ‘artistic merit’ does come with slut shaming on social media outlets like Twitter.


What is your opinion on the whole music industry? I, for one, feel that the industry is over sexualized. Leave your answer in the comments below.

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