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Diddy Turns Down American Idol

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P. Diddy has turned down the chance to judge contestants on American Idol. What seems like something he would be perfect to do, he turned down. Not because he would love he street cred, like what other potential judge Kanye West said, but he doesn’t want to work with Jennifer Lopez. If you didn’t know, way back in the 90s, Lopez and Sean Combs were the ‘it’ couple of the times.

Their relationship ended around the time that whole club shooting occurred. If you don’t remember, Shyne, the newest Bad Boy protégé at the time, taken the heat and was sent to jail.

Photo from US Magazine

Combs, I guess, doesn’t feel comfortable sitting next to someone with whom he had relationship with. Whether that relationship ended on good terms, I don’t know, but I feel a bit saddened that Combs won’t be judging.


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