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Destiny’s Child: They’re Back and They’re “Nuclear”

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If you haven’t heard of the group Destiny’s Child you must have lived under a rock for the last 15 years. They are one of the most popular girl groups from the 1990’s.  When the band first started the girls were only 9 or 10 years old. They went through their remaining adolescence on stage. Over the years there have been a few changes made in terms of who is and who is not in the band. After some firing and hiring of band members occurred the group finally realized that four was a crowd and that a being a trio suited them. The current trio is Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Michelle Williams was the only member who wasn’t in the original lineup.

After a decade of performing together they decided it was time for a break. The girls took their first hiatus back in 2000, during this time they reassured their fans and the industry that they were not breaking up. As a group they were all itching to get back in the studio so they decided that 2004 was as good as time as any to make another album. The honeymoon period didn’t last very long because in 2006 they decided that it was time to take another indefinite break. This ws a time in their lives were they wanted to seriously pursue solo projects and have some time to focus on their personal lives.

They have been doing their own thing since 2006 and are now ready to come back. Destiny’s Child fans couldn’t be more excited about the reunion. The news surrounding the comeback was somehow leaked on the Internet, what a surprise! Beyoncé announced that Destiny’s Child was in fact working on a compilation CD entitled “Love Songs”. The album would contain mostly old songs but would have a few new tracks to enjoy. Beyoncé was asked to headline this years Superbowl Halftime Show and according to Internet rumors Michelle and Kelly will be joining her midway through her set to perform “Nuclear”.

 About “Nuclear”:

* First single from the new album

* Beyoncé usually covers the writing part, but this time Michelle assumed that role. She co-wrote the song with Pharell Williams and two others.

* Pharell Williams produced this song, he is a world-famous producer and member of Hip-Hop group “The Neptunes”.

My Feelings On Nuclear:

* I felt that the melody and lyrics were very simple

* They know how to harmonize and I particularly enjoyed listening to them do that in this song

* I liked that the spotlight was shared throughout the song

You be the judge, hit or miss?