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Def Jam Spotify App Review: We Run NY

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Def Jam Spotify App Review

Major labels have always performed top-notch promotions for their artists. With Spotify’s rapidly growing application services, we are seeing how much more the majors can flash their brand to Facebook addicted consumers. Def Jam seems to be the first to dive deeply into the music discovery phenomenon with their new Spotify app.

The Def Jam Spotify App is fairly simple in design and it provides an easy navigation experience. Spotify users simply scroll through a series of promotional banners that lead to playlists advertising various Def Jam releases. Experience brand new chart topping singles or sift through several catalogues showcasing the highlights of Def Jam’s 20+ years of servitude to urban music. The 82-track “New Sh*t” playlists delivers the most recent releases, while Def Jam classics parade through the vault of Def Jam’s greatest successes including LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys.

So far, Def Jam has 18 unique playlists suited to best showcase one of the strongest rosters in hip-hop and R&B history. The Rocafella years playlist highlights the biggest hits from Jay-Z and Kanye West, while “We Run NY” includes the best works from the best in the biz like Nas, Method Man, Redman and DMX. There is definitely no lack of product placement, with playlists dedicated to provide listeners with The Roots entire catalogue as well as feature playlists from some of Def Jam’s top executives.

An entire release page displays the labels biggest success albums and singles, while giving you a broad overview of Def Jam’s illustrious history. Though there seem to be a few algorithmic troubleshooting issues with some of the playlists’ playback capability, I’m sure tech supervisors will have these bugs fixed in no time.

It would only make sense, that hip-hop’s most celebrated record label would offer the masses organized access to their deep catalogue to guarantee their presence in the new digital music world. All in all I’m quite impressed with the catalogue presentation with the Def Jam app, therefore I rate it 4 out of 5.