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Daria Musk on Google+ and Playing For Millions World Wide

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Daria Musk is a Conneticut singer song writer that became a Google+ phenomenom last year by using Google Hangouts to meeting new people around the world and performing for them.

In less than a year; she has been added to over 1 miillion Google+ Circles, visited Googleplex, played for millions of people and interviewed by Billboard Magazine.

Here is a interview I had with the budding superstar last week about her humble beginnings, playing for millions worldwide and the music industry.

How did you get started?
I started singing and playing when I was about 14. I was playing clubs and paying my dues right away. I actually have a phrase that I came up with called “crash the party.” It’s sort of what I came up with to sort of pump myself because I was feeling so far away from the music industry.

At that time I had no contacts in the industry, I was just a singer song writer living out in the woods of Connecticut. I was dreaming of being able to sing for people all around the world. I just really made up my mind at an early age. There was no choice, I just felt like this is really what I’m here to do.

How do you describe your music?
I call it fierce joy. Its joyful but it’s not like an easy joy, it’s something that you actually have to work for like what I’m doing now with my music.

Do you write your own lyrics?
I write everything myself and I work with a producer named RAM.

How much has your life changes since becoming a Google+ phenomenon?
It’s really super changed over night. It’s night and day it’s amazing. Having feelings so lonely and unsure of what was coming next, and now I don’t know what’s coming either but it’s in an exciting way.

I went from playing tiny clubs for 20 people, to playing for millions of people all around the world. Being able to meet and perform for people in New Zealand, Brazil, Africa, India and Norway is incredible.

I remember these people after we hangout, we get to talk and really get to know each other. I’ll stay up for 8 hours straight and play for people all over the world.

Has playing for so many people around the world changed the sound of your music?
Totally, I’m so inspired by the people that I meet and I’m working a lot faster. I’m come up with ideas, write songs and release stuff a lot faster.

My first single is called “You Move Me” and its a line of the song that says “All around the world you move me.”

We had people send me their voices singing the song and we used it for the intro. So my fans totally changed the way I make songs and write for sure.

So your brother told you about Google+?
Yeah, He suggested it I didn’t even know it existed for like a week or two before I signed up.

Outside of being one of the first musicians to join Google+, what else did you do different?
I was there first and really I was one of the first people to think of doing a live hangout concert.

My producer RAM was the first to suggest that we do a full concert style show. And, the other thing I do different is because I’m generally happy and excited to meet new people and that something that resonates

How do you balance the creative side with the time you spend online meeting people?
It’s fun now because it’s all becoming one. Everything is influencing everything. When I’m writing a song, I make a video or post a picture of what I’m doing. When I’m interacting with people, I’m being inspired with more song lyrics.

Do you want to get a major record deal?
It’s kind of a brand new world. We live in a world where as an independent artist there is so much available to you, and there are so many things to do with the internet. I’m not sure I will ever need a major record deal. I think it’s interesting I haven’t got called by one yet. I think it’s funny because I just got this feature in the Billboard Magazine. The music industry still has a lot to catching up to do with the interactive world.

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