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D’angelo Returns from near 15-year Hiatus with new Album “Black Messiah”


As we all should know, D’angelo has been a soulful heartbeat in music since his debut release of ‘Brown Sugar’ in 1995. After his studio album ‘Voodo’ released in 2000, D’angelo took almost a 15-year break from recording. Although he hadn’t recorded or released any music, he still toured around the U.S. and overseas over the years. I have no idea how we’ve made it this long without hearing his voice on a new record. He brings so much musicianship and character to his music that he really takes you back to the root of where soul music comes from. Live instruments and raw vocals are the simplistic traits that set D’angelo apart from nearly all musicians in r&b and soul music today. He is clearly an original and embodies what real music is.

This album ‘Black Messiah‘ brings back so many reminiscent feelings of the good times and good music that he gave to us the first time around. This album is full, dynamic, soulful and embraces everything that is missing in popular music. I’m happy to announce that he is back and blessing us with his heavenly tunes.

The album was quietly released Monday, December 15 with very little promo. It quickly rose to the number five spot on the iTunes chart behind Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Taylor Swift and Penatonix. If the word keeps spreading the way it has been, I’m sure he could make it to the number one spot. The one thing that I love about D’angelo is that he can definitely write a great love song, but he also always finds a way to incorporate a powerful message in his music. In the album art, you can see a crowd of black men holding up their fists in the air like a protest. The way that D’angelo expresses himself with so much soul and clarity, I feel as though with ‘Black Messiah’ his overall message is just to tell the truth; to be true to who you are and who you want to be.

He references a skit in his song “1,000 Deaths” about the description of Jesus that society portrays versus the description of him in scripture. Aside from his remarkable ability to create music that transcends time and trends, he never misses an opportunity to bring the truth to the forefront and carry out a powerful message. Listen to the music and decide for yourself.


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