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D12 Are Recording A New Album

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D12Do you know who said they wanted another D12 album? At least I did. I was a huge fan of D12 growing up. It was one of those cds I would tuck away and listen to in my lonesome because of the content. Now that Eminem has proved that he’s back from the rehab/retirement grave, he’s collaborating again with D12 to release a new album. D12 hasn’t released an album in ten years. 2004 saw the release of D12 World.

After the death of D12 alum Proof in 2006, rumors of a new album were mixed with speculation that the group disbanded and others claiming they were close to release a third album. Now Mark Bass, according the Detroit Free Press, has produced three D12 tracks, which all feature Eminem. D12 consisted of 6 members including: Proof, Bizarre, Kon Artis (aka Mr. Porter), Swifty McVay, Kuniva, and Eminem. Each member also had their own split personality, making the number of ‘personas’ in the group 12, hence the name.

D12 has released two official albums in the past with Devil’s Night and D12 World. They aren’t necessarily the greatest group but for those who are fans this is terrific news. The current line-up is Eminem, Swifty McVay, Kuniva, and Fuzz Scoota. Bizarre and Mr. Porter left the group in 2012 but only time will tell if they will deliver some verses for the impending album. Scoota was a former member in 1999 and he’s back to fill in a slot. However, now that the official lineup is only four members, will the former members comes back in or will they bring in new members? What do you guys think?





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