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Cull.TV: Videos Are The Most Effective Form of Self-Promotion

Cull.TV is a new generation video platform that promotes videos from breaking indie artists. As soon as you sign into Cull, it generates a suggested channel for you based upon the videos on your Facebook timeline as well as your friends timeline.

Cull is one of the most well designed video services that I have seen in a while and its simulates the effect of watching videos from your living room. While using it, I discovered some cool videos from some acts I had never heard of like Julia Holter and an old classic from NFL Great Dieon Sanders that had me in nostalgia. Here is an interview I had last week with Cull’s Co-Founder John Hurliman.

It looks like you guys came from Sony?
Yes, We came from Intel and Sony on the gaming side(Playstation 3).

How did you make the transition from gaming to video?
We were already in entertainment, so the intersection between technology and media has always been my passion. I’ve always been interested in what the future of the living room was and how tech would change it do, It was a natural fit.

Describe Cull.TV?
We want you to be able to show up to the site and immediately be able to hear good music. We help people find new music from breaking indie artists and you will be able to know if you like it right away. So, you don’t have to do a lot of clicking and searching to find something you like. We help you find something great right away.

How deeply integrated are you with Facebook’s timeline?
It changes depending on how much Facebook serves up. So, it kind of changes month to month. If you have a lot of friends, it takes a little longer for us to crawl through and get some of the older videos. We do try to put together a channel for based on your timeline, as well as your friends timeline as soon as you sign up and that updates every week. As time goes on and you start using Cull more you gonna get more videos.

Where is the content coming from?
We are looking at a lot of content that is coming from music blogs across the web. We also do promotions with artists as well, where we do co-promotions across social networks. We don’t have the infrastructure set up to produce content, but that is definitely something we want to do in the future. If the right opportunity to partner with someone who does have the existing infrastructure comes along we would definitely be open.

I see that you guys are getting some really great reviews from the media, but how has the feedback been on the consumer end?
It’s actually been really great. We have gotten a lot of user response from Facebook and Twitter. People are reaching out through as suggesting what artists we should feature. As time goes on we want to be able to deliver more relevant information from a band that they discovered on our site like touring info, new projects, videos etc.

A lot of people are referring to Cull as the MTV of the internet, is that a fair comparison?
We haven’t been making that comparison ourselves, but we have been inspired by it. I think we remind a lot of people of broadcast media because of the styling and the control you have over what you’re watching. We incorporated a lot of classical television while developing Cull.

Is a mobile version of Cull coming?
Hopefully within the next two months.

What are some of the trends you see ahead of us in online video?
One of the main thing we have seen is, that artists have to do so much self promotion online before they are taken seriously. With that being said, music videos are the most effective form of self promotion for any artist. You can get a very high quality video for a very low-cost and it allows you to attached a very immersive in-depth description of what your group is about.

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