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Cuesongs Strike Licensing Partnership WITH PRS For Music

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5 July, 2012, London: CueSongs, the one-stop music licensing hub for online and digital media is pleased to announce a deal with PRS for Music, the collection society that represents 90,000 writers, composers & music publishers. PRS for Music has pioneered the development of simple online licensing solutions for small businesses, with thousands of licences issued to services from their website each year.

CueSongs focuses on usages such as corporate films, branded content for websites, social media and music for events. Usage in these areas has grown rapidly in recent years with the need to take out multiple licences for different rights, risking the potential that certain rights go unlicensed. The CueSongs website can handle the entire process, from matching a track to clients’ needs and then enabling them to license it at the press of a button.

The agreement with the PRS for Music licences the CueSongs website and enables PRS to license the ‘Communication to the public’ rights to CueSongs clients alongside the other rights for these usages in a one stop transaction.

Ed Averdieck, CEO of CueSongs, says: “This innovative agreement with PRS for Music is all about further simplifying the process for businesses who want to license music from artists in their productions. A one stop licensing transaction means there is no need for businesses to go anywhere else in order to be a legitimate music user. This not only makes it easier for SMEs, but also ensures that songwriters and composers are paid for the usage of their work.”

William Booth, Director of Media Licensing, PRS for Music, comments: “We are delighted to be working with Cue Songs to provide an efficient licensing service to an important and growing area of content usage. By working with a service such as CueSongs to provide a streamlined solution, we are able to reduce the burden on small businesses further and ultimately, reduce the costs of administration for our members. We see this as another exciting step in supporting the digital sector to be more productive.”

CueSongs, which launched in beta in January 2012, is co-founded by Ed Averdieck, formerly head of Nokia Music and OD2, and music pioneer Peter Gabriel.