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22 May 2013, London: CueSongs, the one-stop music licensing hub for online and digital media, today announced a partnership with music licensing and technology company Audiosocket. Audiosocket’s music catalogue now includes CueSongs’ roster of established artists, and will be available in early June to customers which include Vimeo, The Associated Press, Monster Energy, StyleHaul, Tongal and WPP.

Licensing famous music for web media and user-generated content has been next to impossible. These challenges have caused disruption to copyrights on a global level. This new partnership will begin to change that by opening up the licensing process around famous content, where more than 90% of all license requests have historically gone unanswered. With more than 80 hours worth of video posted online every minute, this presents a huge growth opportunity for artists and publishers.

CueSongs will now enable Audiosocket’s clients, including independent film and video creators, to find and easily license music from established artists for their digital and mobile productions. Audiosocket customers can elect to offer CueSongs music via the Audiosocket licensing system, ensuring that these artists are compensated for use of their work.

CueSongs signed agreements last year with all the major publishers, as well as working directly with a number of artists such as Groove Armada, Embrace, French Horn Rebellion, Dido, Ziggy Marley and Peter Gabriel.

Peter Gabriel, music pioneer and co-founder of CueSongs, says: “Making video is no longer exclusive to a small professional elite, it is now open to all of us. Many of us want to add music to our videos, but have no idea how we might get the right permissions. Whether we be amateurs, semiprofessionals, small businesses or schools etc. there are millions of potential users, who currently have nowhere to go to license their music. CueSongs painlessly connects music licensing to the new world of social media, Youtube, and the web. In the same way that low cost airlines encouraged millions of people to make trips that they would never have considered in the old traditional model, we believe CueSongs can create a whole new flexible and responsive market for music licenses.”

Jenn Miller, COO of Audiosocket, comments: “Audiosocket provides highly curated, culturally-relevant music for client projects, and is focused on making the customer experience of sourcing, licensing, and using music as seamless as possible.
Delivering great music to our customers while making sure our artists have a platform for distribution that ensures they are properly compensated for their work has always been top priority. We are thrilled to add well known artists to our collection via CueSongs, and are very excited to introduce our current and future customers to this new partnership.”

The integration of CueSongs with the Audiosocket catalogue will first be made available to existing Audiosocket partners and will be made available to all clients later this year.

CueSongs and Audiosocket will be presenting together at internet TV and independent production industry conference STREAM, taking place in California 3-4 June, 2013.

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