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Our Final Thoughts: Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story

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TLC released number one hit after number one hit. The best selling female group in history. It’s only right a film be made in their honor. Now how’s the movie you ask?

If you grew up a TLC fan and remember all the events on this roller coaster, it’s good to know it was all there. From Left Eye burning down Andre Rison’s house, to the classic we’re broke speech at the Grammys.  On the UPSIDE, Director Charles Stone (drum line, paid in full) was able to have some fun recreating all of TLC’s at one time cutting edge music videos. Not only the music videos but also the documentaries, backstage footage and interviews all brought back memories of the actual footage. Lil’ Mama made a perfect Left Eye.


Downside: Kate Lanier wrote what I thought was rushed unfinished script that lacked a clear-cut theme. Honestly in my opinion she is the weakest link. I ask how she was able to be apart of this project. Her last three movies consisted of bad movies The Mod Squad, Beauty Shop and Glitter. Don’t take my word for it.


Glitter was so bad Mariah Carey had a breakdown and received payment from her record label of 25 million to walk away from music. Okay so maybe all of that isn’t Kate’s’ fault. Sorry, Kate I just think the script was rushed through and crammed. There was no real theme or clear-cut protagonist. In other words the film does a great job of listing the facts, but the story lacked the emotional connection and basic elements of a film the draw people in.

Overall the movie is worth watch for the TLC fan. I give it 6 out of 10

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