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Concert Crowd: Increasing Tickets Sales through Social Discovery

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ConcertCrowd is a new Facebook app that lets you follow your favorite artists, find concerts and discover live music playing in your area. The start-ups goal is to help indie artists and concert promoters sell more tickets through social discovery via Facebook.

ConcertCrowd is another finalist of the Microsoft Biz Spark sponsored SXSW Music Accelerator program that I had the pleasure of speaking with. Below is a brief Q/A that I had with the companies Founder Arman Javaherian.

Kelland:What is your background?
Arman:I’ve been doing Web Design since I was 12 and spent the last 3 years in Product Management for a Fortune 50 WebSite. More importantly, I’ve been a live music fanatic ever since I can remember.

Kelland:What was the inspiration behind Concert Crowd?
Arman: Remember the last time you were at a live music show and just fell in love? That’s why I created ConcertCrowd, to recreate that experience for everyone. There’s hundreds of apps that are catered toward digital music discovery, but almost none at live music discovery. This is where we fit in.

Kelland: Does Concert Crowd solve any problems within the music/concert industry?
Arman: We aim to help the world discover live music and new acts. The long tail of the live music industry is getting bigger and bigger yet many small acts struggle to fill their seats. We want to help artists, promoters, booking agents and venue owners sell out their shows.

Kelland: What are some of the obstacles that you are currently facing as a start-up?
Arman:We feel we have a great product, but its been a struggle to get the word out to new users. Being bootstrapped is difficult when you know you need to advertise and market the app.

Kelland: How will this app be monetized?
Arman: The live music industry was worth over $25 Billion last year in the US alone. We aim to create a promotion vehicle and platform to help venues fill their shows and get a piece of the pie.

Kelland: Do you have plans of moving Concert Crowd beyond Facebook or will it remain Facebook centric?
Arman: We think Facebook is a great vehicle for live music discovery due to its inherent social nature. We plan on staying coupled with the Facebook API for the foreseeable future, but will be rolling out a mobile web app in the coming weeks as well.

Kelland:Where would you like to see Concert Crowd at in five years from now?
Arman:I want to see ConcertCrowd as the location for discovering live music around the world. I want every fan in every city to turn to us when they want to experience that next amazing show.